Easy ways to explore the historical center of Athens

This video is about all things to see in Athens in a very unique and quick way. A good map and some background reading is all you need in order to visit the essential spots of Athens’ historical center. This journey through history can be easily done on foot as this area is quite compact, but there are other means available if your feet are unwilling! Guided bus tours are available through hotels and various travel agencies, and if your budget allows it you can arrange private tours with a licensed guide.

Ideal for sightseeing the historical center from up high is the red double-decker bus, where you just buy one ticket and hop on and off at any stop you like. A more romantic approach is that of the little train that drives around the inner part of the historical center, a means that your kids will certainly adore. If you want to zip around ancient Athens with a futuristic vehicle you can take a Segway tour and roll to all the sites instead of walking, quite a fast way to see it all! If you decide to explore the historical center on your own, be sure to check the opening hours of various archeological sites and museums, as they vary depending on the time of year.