Five not-to-miss stops in Athens if you are short of time

This video recommends the must see monuments of Athens. Even if your visit to Athens is only limited to one hour, don’t miss the hill! That is the stony Acropolis hill, in the very center of town, with the world famous Parthenon temple, its imposing presence seen from every corner of Athens. A close second, is the famed marketplace of Agora, a standing testament to Athens’ status as a cradle of Western civilization.

It was, in Socrates and Plato’s day, the heart of public life, and among the site’s extensive excavations you’ll find the temple of Hephaestus, almost fully intact. The largest temple of Greece, the temple of Zeus, very close  to Sintagma square, is of great historical interest and is close to the fourth monument, the Panathenaic Stadium, located on the site of an ancient stadium. The most humble of our proposed spots is another hill, Likavitos, which however offers breathtaking views of Athens all the way down to the port of Piraeus.

How to get to see the most important monuments in Athens