The Ilias Lalaounis Jewelry Museum : the art of jewelry at its best

The Ilias lalaounis Jewelry museum is located in one of the most atmospheric neighborhoods of Athens, very close to the Acropolis metro station. Its permanent collection includes 4000 models of jewelry designed by its founder from 1940 to 2000. The museum was founded in 1993 as a private non-profit cultural foundation devoted to the art of Jewelry.

It opened to the public in 1994 and its collections are spread on two floors. On the ground floor, there is the ticket booth, and a small shop selling jewelry and other beautifully designed objects. The visitor can also admire pieces of jewelry that imitate ancient classical Greek and Hellenistic artefacts. There is also a section inspired by Byzantine icons and mosaics. The museum stuff is trained to answer your questions and offer information on precious stones and metals and on the technique of creating jewelry.

How to get to Ilias Lalaounis Jewelry Museum