A true pillar in Greece’s cultural life

The Benaki Museum, Greece’s finest private museum contains the vast collection of Antonis Benakis, accumulated during 35 years of avid collecting in Europe and Asia. The collection includes Bronze Age finds from Mycenae and Thessaly; works by El Greco; ecclesiastical furniture brought from Asia Minor; pottery, copper, silver and woodwork from Egypt, Asia Minor and Mesopotamia; and a stunning collection of Greek regional costumes.

The museum has expanded into several branches, including the Pireos Annex, to house its vast and diverse collections and is a major player in the city’s arts scene. It hosts a full schedule of rotating exhibitions. The ground floor houses the first Museum Gift Shop in Greece, while on the rooftop there is a Restaurant-Snack Bar with spectacular views of the Acropolis and the National Garden of Athens.

How to get to the Benaki Museum