Plaka, the heart of old Athens, takes you to a trip back in time

Plaka, located under the Acropolis, has a history of more than 3.500 years and its charming atmosphere is felt all around the narrow streets, the ancient ruins, the Byzantine temples and the renovated neoclassical buildings, homes of the affluent Athenian society in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Apart from the sheer pleasure to walk around, there are important archaeological sites to visit like the Roman agora, Hadrian’s Library, the Bath of the Winds (Aerides) and the Attalos Stoa housing a great collection of artefacts that were found in the area of the ancient Agora.

If you walk up the steps from the south slope of Acropolis you will find Anafiotika, an amazing settlement with small whitewashed houses built in the Cycladic architectural style. Strolling in the small winding streets you get carried away in the islands of the Cyclades, losing the sense that you actually are in the centre of the busy Greek capital. In Plaka there are numerous quaint taverns and cafes as well as jewelry shops, art galleries and tourist shops.

How to get to Plaka Region near to the Acropolis Hill