1. The Archeological Museum

Archeological Museum of Chania: A historical treasure in the city center

Except of bars, restaurants and beaches in Chania you can visit the great Archeological Museum of Chania.It is located in the city’s historical center and it is housed in the former temple of a medieval Franciscan monastery.

The museum hosts exhibits from the Neolithic to the Roman periods. This island has many beauties, but also tremendous historical significance, since the Minoan era is the first Western civilization.

Visiting the Archaeological Museum of Chania is undoubtedly a journey into time and an unforgettable experience.

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2. The Nautical Museum

The Nautical Museum: An amazing museum that everyone should visit

The nautical museum of Chania was founded in 1973 and is housed next to the fortress of Firkas at the western end of the Venetian harbor.

This museum, which has been awarded by the Historical and Ethnological Society, should be visited by everyone who wants to explore the island of Crete.

The exhibits are date from the Bronze Age going up to our times and include many wonderful creations, such as ancient ships models. Also, there is a gorgeous model of the fortified town and port under Venetian rule and many other amazing exhibits.

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3. The unique Typography Museum

The Typography Museum: The history of typography in a place

The year of 2005 a Unique museum in Greece opened its doors, the Museum of Typography is dedicated to the art that changed the course of history.

It is located near the port of souda, at an Industrial Park and you can easily reach it by taxi, or by car. It started as a small private collection, next to the newspaper’s printing facilities.

This area houses archives that have been printed or rescued and collected there, which link the history of the print with the local history of Crete.

During the tour, you will have the unique chance to print in 19th-century printing presses.

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