The award-winning Chania naval museum presents the Cretan naval tradition through the ages

The naval museum of Chania was established in 1973 and is housed next to the Firkas fortress at the western end of the Venetian harbor. This location carries a historical importance as in December, 1st, 1913, the Greek flag was raised here signalling the unification of Crete with Greece.

The initial idea behind the museum was to build a place that would present the Greek naval tradition, with emphasis on the naval history of Crete. The museum has received an award from the Historical and Ethnological Society. The museum collection includes models of ships, nautical instruments, paintings, historical photographs and war relics.

The material is classified chronologically, starting from the Bronze Age and going up to our times. The exhibits include models of ancient ships and an impressive model of the fortified town and port under Venetian rule. A section of the museum is dedicated to the German invasion of Crete.

How to get to the Nautical Musuem of Chania