A jewelry of Orthodoxy

In a corner of Greece, there is a church that is quite special. It is a small replica of The Agia Sophia of Istanbul. An impressive church built in 900 A.D. It is located in Patras and is real jewelry, The imposing temple of Pantokrator (the all mighty) which is considered an exact replica of Agia Sophia. If you are in the area, you should definitely visit this church.

You may have been in Patras and even passed outside this particular church but you may not know this detail about its construction. It is a miniature of Agia Sophia. The Temple of Pantokrator Patrashas been built, in fact, on the ruins of an ancient temple of Olympian Zeus. It is the first cathedral of Patras of Byzantine style.

It has, like Agia Sophia, beautiful and impressive domes that are made of lead.

Inside you can admire a wonderful decoration with wall paintings. It may not have the size of Agia Sophia, but the style and rhythm of the church show that it is an exact replica of Agia Sophia in Istanbul.

Photo Source: patrasevents.gr

Interesting information about the Temple of Pantokrator

  • During the Turkish occupation, it was converted into a mosque and they called it a Kiursum mosque.
  • In 1828 the church of Pantokrator was converted into a hospital. It was used for Mezon’s soldiers. However, after the liberation it returned to its original state, becoming a unique religious monument in the area.
  • From the lead of the domes were created the first bullets which they had been used by the Greeks against the Turks during the Greek Revolution in 1821. In this way, the church had contributed to the Greek Revolution against the Turks.
  • Behind the Temple of Pantokrator, there is a mulberry more than 500 years old

When you are in Patras, organize this church.