Summer, Saturday morning. We are at the pier and we are preparing for another three-day trip that is expected to be unforgettable. When we decided the first time as a group to spend a three-day boat trip together plowing the sea, we weren’t sure if it would be as we imagined. It turned out that it exceeded all our expectations. Escaping with a boat is now our favorite summer habit. And there are many reasons to support it. The Lagoon 380 S2boat is for us a strong motive to start a new adventure in the Aegean Sea, on weekends.

Safe holidays with… layer the sea and roof the sky

And so this year, when we’re all looking for safety on our vacation, escaping with a boat, it was for us the first and safest option. We are a group of ten people and Lagoon costs us 1,400 euros for a three-day trip, which includes skipper, petrol, and rent. The only extra is the food we eat which is an individual choice for each one. So for less than 180 euros for the three days period, we will enjoy diving in the middle of the night, explore unknown private beaches and enjoy awesome nights under a full stars sky.

As much as you try to describe it to someone, you have to live it to understand why if you go on a boat trip once, then you don’t come off.

One of the most beautiful moments of this three-day period is the night before we start our trip. We organize the travel route with the skipper (who is always so discreet throughout the trip) and discover on the map the hidden places and caves that we want to visit this time. We board Lagoon and sail for a luxurious three-day trip with all the comforts with the escort of the sun and the sea. The ship is… “Over-equipped” and offers services of a multi-star hotel.

Dives in crystal clear waters and lunch with the sound of the wave

Close your eyes and think. Think you are somewhere in the Argosaronikos gulf the sun is hot and you want to feel the cool of the crystal clear waters. Where probably none else has ever swam there. The skipper does his magic tricks and suddenly the boat becomes a floating oasis from which you enjoy your dives. As soon as you get out, you’re waiting for cool fruit and juices on the table. Then some sunbathing under the sun and the salty sea.

After you have your shower and you get dressed, you’re ready for another powerful lagoon experience Lunch on board with the sea breeze and the magnificent silence of the landscape to be interrupted only by the laughter and stories of the people. How can you forget a three-day trip like this? Especially when you’ve trusted a company like Multihull Yachting that their priority is your safety and your pleasure.

That’s why we choose a boat like this for every three days trip, in the summertime. Lagoon. Because luxury is possible from all people of the group since you live one value for money experience which you remember for days afterward. Besides, the feeling of absolute freedom, away from the hustle and bustle, the obligations and the routine of everyday life, is unforgettable. You board and you start a different trip.

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