A picturesque lilliputian dream-place

We explore Greece and discover new places as well as unknown information about places we know more or less. Like, for example, which island is called little Italy in the Aegean Sea. An island that is not very popular for its tourism but is definitely worth getting to know better. And that’s Lipsi island. In fact, it is a cluster of 24 islets in the Dodecanese. From Fragkos and Kaparonisi, and from the South to North Aspronisia, images of stunning and wild beauty give way to lunar beaches and the deep turquoise waters of the natural swimming pool in Makronisi.

Lipso, as the locals call it, is the central, largest and only inhabited island of the complex. It is located to the north of Patmos and east of Leros islands and is the place where everyone becomes one.

The way of life on the island is unique and the Italians love it. In fact, just outside the village, there is also the only organized settlement of the island. The so-called Italian quarter has been built where the Italians bought traditional houses, overlooking the Aegean Sea, renovated them and became a part of the place.

So this particular island in the Dodecanese is called little Italy of the Aegean Sea.

The small island in the Dodecanese and its beaches

The closest beaches in Lipsoi Town (or Chora) are Liedou and Kampos which attract the most people. On the northeast coast is Platis Gialos. That’s where you have the unique experience of swimming with ducks and geese.

Katsadia, in the south of the island, is also a nice sandy beach, while further south is also the sandy and exotic Papadria, from where you not only see the islet of Lyra, but you can also swim to it. A little further east the pebbled Chochlakoura with its surrounding flat rocks and sea caves is really impressive.

Monodendri, Fountana, Xirokampos, Turkomnema, Korakia and Kamares are more distant and isolated but also worth visiting, due to the peculiarity of their landscape. Closer but quieter beaches are Bougi, Lalaouni, Limni, Mikro Mersini and Megalo Mersini.

Although it is a small island, it is full of life all year round. Characteristic is that its population has been constantly increasing in recent decades as young people choose to stay in their homeland. Today the inhabitants exceed 700 people in number, which is twice as many as 30 years ago.

Little Italy of the Aegean Sea is waiting for you to explore it…