Exotic beauty near Athens

The Greek islands have a rare magical beauty and it is of no coincidence that they attract the interest of travellers from all over the world. Every year, in fact, Hollywood stars, international athletes and world-renowned arts people arrive for holidays. They either choose every year the same favourite destination that has stolen their heart away or they constantly get to know new and unique beauties of Greece. The daughter of the famous painter Pablo Picasso also felt a fondness for a specific part of Greece. A heavenly place not called by chance the “Greek Maldives”. We are talking about the island complex of Petalioi in Euboea..

The Greek Maldives and their rare beauty

As you look Petalioi form above, you can see why they are usually called the Greek Maldives. Clear, turquoise waters and golden sand that make you think that if you set foot there you will land in paradise. This beauty had also charmed Picasso’s daughter, Paloma. In the 1980s she decided and proceeded to purchase an area of hundreds of acres on the largest island of Petalioi.

She bought the land together with her brother Claude. In fact, it was the same spot where Queen Olga used to maintain her country house and stables. Paloma Picasso had transformed the royal stables into a luxurious and impressive accommodation with Italian style and finesse, using rich and colourful decoration as well as rare Picasso paintings. The land was eventually sold in 2016 while the buyer remains unknown.

Petalioi, however, were a magnet as early as the 1960s. The international elite of the cinema and the elite of secular society have discovered this exotic corner of the Euboean Gulf and have been coming on their yachts. The fact that these islands are so close to Athens has always been one of the great advantages for such a choice. This is because they were based in the capital of Greece and made excursions for diving in the exotic waters of the nearby bays of Attica and Euboea. So, slowly, the island complex of Petalioi began to acquire more and more faithful regulars, especially from abroad. Maria Kalas was one of them as well.

Petalioi in numbers and names

Petalioi is essentially a complex of 10 uninhabited islands, some of which once had a small population.Magalonisos and Chersonisi are the largest islands of the complex. The other islands in the complex are Avgo, Laberousa, Louloudi, Makronisi, Pontikonisi, Praso, Tragos and Foudi. The total area of the Greek Maldives complex is about 22.5 square kilometres.

Through the video of the Haanity channel on Youtube, we can admire this rare and exotic beauty. A beauty located near Athens. Of course, you can’t approach the crystal clear waters in many other ways except by boat. Diving there is definitely a unique experience and, if you make it there, don’t forget to take a lot of photos… Maldives style! The pictures speak for themselves.