It is located next to Athens and has the shape of a guitar

Islands with exotic beauty, crystal clear waters and golden beaches. Either full of people or more isolated. In Greece, you find exactly what you want either for vacation or for permanent residence. That’s what made the Beatles fall in love with a Greek island and wanted to buy it. It is only an hour away from Athens and is called Agia Triada.

The magic of this island is that its shape resembles a guitar. That was the main reason the Beatles had loved it. Agia Triada is located near Eretria, in Euboea and is only one of the hundreds of the “hidden” beauty spots of Greece.

It is a private island with beautiful beaches of turquoise waters. It even has a dolphin statue! On the west side, a tongue-like sand strip, which sinks and rises under the tidal waters of Evrippos channel, creates small islets which disappear every afternoon under the waters of the South Euboean Bay.

It is indeed a beautiful sea-treasure. A retreat that makes you forget the everyday life of the bustling cities. And all of this next to the Greek capital. Today Agia Triada, which has an area of 13 acres, has two beaches, a church, olive trees, fruit trees, a 17th-century observatory and even a four-room residence.

The Beatles’ desire to buy a Greek island

It was in July of 1967, when the Beatles visited Greece, in order to buy an island and turn it into a hippie community. It is thought to have been an idea of John Lennon’s. According to Paul McCartney’s autobiography, the reason they wanted to buy the island was, that in that place “no one could tell you not to smoke.” (he means marijuana).

Once they arrived in Greece, they passed through several places, such as Delphi and Arachova, but also made a tour of the Cyclades Islands. That’s when they realized that in Greece they would find exactly what they wanted. When they met Agia Triada they were absolutely sure that this was the Greek island they wanted to buy. In the end, however, the idea was went south and they decided together not to make this purchase.

No one can doubt that this is a truly dreamy place, yet another one of the hidden beauties of Greece.

Some impressive images are seen in the video of the user haanity.