A walk in Agios Nikolaos, Naoussa

Greece is full of beautiful corners and well-hidden secrets. One of them is located just 3 km away from the city of Naoussa. It is the Grove of Agios Nikolaos,a real earthly paradise. Perhaps the most famous attraction of Naoussa.

These are six acres of beautiful land transformed from the springs of the historic river of Arapitsa. The Grove of Agios Nikolaos with its streams and long-standing plane trees is really an artistic work of nature that you can visit with a trip to the area. You can see it up close in its various aspects all year round. Each, after all, is different. In winter the grove will welcome you with fog and in spring with nature at its best. In summer you will enjoy the coolness of the plane trees and in autumn you will walk on the orange shades of the leaves that have just fallen.

A unique park of its kind in Greece

Agios Nikolaos, as the residents tend to call the Grove, is unique in its kind. It stands out for its magnificence and volume. There, you will see a unique combination of natural turf and baswood, oak trees and natural plane trees. Plenty of water and a special combination of colours and sounds. Everything you need for walking and relaxing from everyday life.

The landscape is green and nature creates its own melodies as you walk on the wooden bridges that have been built. You can even fish in the park’s artificial pond. Within the Grove, there are also sports facilities together with a picnic area and a children’s playground. The well-preserved paths lead you to a new secret every time.

Inside the Grove, you will also find cafes to enjoy a drink and also restaurants. The most famous dish on offer is the local trout.

There is also a 250-seat parking at the entrance to the Grove.

Photo Source: naoussa.gr