In the shadow of the imposing mount Erymanthos, where Hercules caught Erymanthios Kapros (the boar of Eymanthos)

Excursionists from every part of Greece arrive here in order to discover up close this unique landscape

How many times have you not dreamed of a trip to the Alps. With the imposing mountain peaks. The wonderful natural landscapes. The sense of absolute freedom they offer their visitors! We have discovered for you a dreamy alpine landscape, in the heart of Achaia, that will not make you go out of budget.

No, you don’t have to travel all the way to Switzerland to enjoy the ultimate Alpine scenery up close. This time, your destination is the Peloponnese and an artificial lake in Ntaska.

Through the published video, you have the opportunity to enjoy a wonderful scenery, mostly unknown to the general public. As much as it creates the feeling of being in Switzerland, its location is found in Achaia.

The reason for an artificial lake at the Ntaska site. In the shadow of the imposing mount Erymanthos, a distant dream comes true. Where, according to mythology, Hercules chased and caught Erymanthios Kapros (Boar), today the traveler is transported through his phantasy to places far away.

The artificial lake was created in 2014 near the village of Velymachi in the Municipality of Erymanthos in Achaia perfecture. The dam that created the lake is earthen. The lake has a capacity of 1.2 million cubic meters of water and has an irrigation network of 16 km long. This ensures the irrigation of crops on 2,000 acres.

Unique landscape

Archaeological findings were found at the original site where the construction of the dam was planned and the construction location of the project was changed. Apart from the irrigation of local fields in the summer months, the dam is an interesting habitat. In its very beautiful environment one can meet fish and rare species of birds.

The combination of the lake and the natural environment of the area with the imposing Erymanthos and the green landscape, create the ultimate alpine scenery in Achaia. A landscape that has nothing to envy from similar landscapes in Switzerland.