The most-photographed place of the Cyclades that will inspire you.

The more we explore the islands of Greece, the more we discover magical landscapes that are combined with an interesting history. Such a story has the Thalassina Meteora of Greece or otherwise The Kleftiko. One of the most photographed landscapes of Greece and not unfairly. After all, its beauty is shocking and rare. The white wild rocks combined with the turquoise waters create a dreamy setting that even in the photos is difficult to capture. From the first moment you set foot there, you realize why.

Kleftiko, the Thalassina Meteora of Greece

If you look at the rock formations in Kleftiko, Milos, you understand why they call this particular spot Thalassina Meteora of Greece. Once you arrive you will see a large and imposing set of impressive volcanic gray-white rocks in strange and special formations. Like a miniature of Meteora but in the sea. The power of the sea, the air, and the time pass of the centuries created this unique setting consisting of pits and hidden caves. .

But what does this particular point of Milos have to do with the pirates and why was it called like that? The name of Kleftiko is due to the action of pirates, who for centuries have been operating in the Aegean Sea terrorizing unsuspecting merchant ships. The pirates, therefore, had as a base the cavernous shores in southern Milos as well as those in Kleftiko.

That’s where they hid and they set up a cache. When a ship showed up, they made their attack and ransacked it. Their action was stopped by the appearance of Admiral Kanaris (Greek hero) after the revolution of 1821 who protected the Aegean islands from the scourge of pirates.

How are you going to get to Kleftiko?

The Thalassina Meteora of Greece is accessible only by the sea. You can take a boat from Adamas of Milos and approach the place which is basically many small rocky beaches from which you can do your dives. Of course, there is no organization, so it’s a good idea to have drinking water and a hat with you so you don’t get hurt and disappointed by the fatigue.

Alternatively, you can even rent a sailing boat to go to Kleftiko. That’s how you’re going to do as many dives as you want and for as long as you want. If you now belong to the category of those who love hiking even on the islands there is a difficult route that will take you there. However, you have to keep in mind that you have to be experienced. You’ll also definitely need a tour guide from Milos to lead you safely.

What is certain is that the swimming there, in Thalassina Meteora, will be unforgettable and will be an experience that you will discuss for a long time…

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