Tastes and aromas of an older era

As you place your foot at their entrance, you will think that you have been transferred back in time. Cookhouses with authentic recipes and a nostalgic environment that offer you an experience that is straight out of the Old Athens.

The authentic cookhouses in the city centre are valuable sites worth visiting. The retro environment and the traditional Greek cuisine comprise an irresistible combination.

Martinis Kitchen, in Athens

Photo Source: martiniskouzina.gr

Housed in a building dating back to 1888, the Martinis Kitchen,offers to its visitors about 40 different recipes each day. Being in operation for more than half a century and with recipes of the traditional Greek cuisine, one understands why it has so many adoring patrons.

There, you will find food cooked with great passion each and every day. Old, tried, tested and timeless recipes.

Address: 289 Patision ave & Iakovaton street

Tel: 210 2111063