The famous village of North Pindos Mountain

Built on the slopes of Smolikas mountain, at an altitude of about 1,600 meters is the famous Samarina. A village of unique beauty and fame on the border of Epirus and Western Macedonia. It is considered, in fact,one of the highest “villages” not only in Greece but also in the Balkans.

The history of the village

Founders and first settlers of Samarina should be considered the inhabitants of the village of Preatori in Thessaly. For the name of the village, in fact, various versions have been expressed regarding its etymology. The most likely is considered to be the following: The original type of the name of the town was Santa Maria and because the town is Vlach we had the following development: sta Maria > Sta Marina

The beauty of the location and the good food

t is no coincidence that they have described the village as the “Beuatiful Samarina”. It is a beautiful place in dense forests and with abundant waters. This makes it have fanatical fans who visit it every year. On the one hand to admire the beauty of the landscape, on the other, because they know that there they will eat well.

As a genuine Vlac-village, it gives us the opportunity to choose any tavern we want and enjoy from boiled goat to sheep kebab. Of course, the necessary accompaniments and tsipouro or wine are never missing. Whatever your appetite loves. The area is also famous for its delicious pies so don’t miss the chance to try a vegetable pie or a meat pie. They are not compared to anything you’ve tried so far.

How to get to Samarina

Samarina is 50 km from Grevena. However, you should consider it to be a country road with several turns.

Tip: Just 15 km from Samarina is the ski resort of Vasilitsa. It is a chance to visit it if you’re in the area.

Tip 2: The Tavern “Barbamichalis” does not offer only the good food you are looking for. Its owners are so benevolent that together with the meal you will remember their hospitality for years.