Where did its special name come from?

A beach with a special name and also appearance. We are talking about Saliara in Thassos Island. An exotic beach with its white stones and sand as its main feature. The white sand with the small white pebbles gives a magical crystal colour to the waters of this exotic beach. It is one of those beaches that fascinate you with the blue waters that contrast with their white pebbles. The pictures speak for themselves.

Saliara, an exotic beach in Thassos

Saliara is located in the northeast part of Thassos Island, five kilometres from Limenas. It is a very popular beach and it is organized. It looks exotic and impressive from the first minute you set foot on it. On the outside, you will find shallow waters, but you should be careful as it deepens steeply at a distance of about five meters from the coast. Rocks frame it creating the ideal setting for seabed exploration.

Its name came from the marble factory of Thassos that is above the beach having as a consequence its coast being white and its waters blue! In a verdant environment, you will find the oasis of coolness you want in the summer.

If you are asked to describe Saliara in a few words, you would say that there are white stones on the beach, blue waters in the sea, and the rich landscape of Thassos around . Foreigners also call it Marble Beach, because right above it is the marble quarry of Thassos. Saliara is organized and you will find there everything you want to spend some of the most beautiful hours of your vacation on the island.

Saliara: The exotic beach with the white feature

How to get to Saliara

This corner of Thassos is undoubtedly worth a visit and the experience you will have will reward you for the trip there which includes driving on a dirt road. To reach the exotic beach of Saliara you have to follow the road to Makryammos. Just before the entrance to the hotel, you make a turn to the right taking the dirt road. The road is wide and has improved but it still needs your full attention. But it’s undoubtedly worth it.

Photo Source: Trip Advisor