The ideal choice for a one-day trip…

By making close and small distant excursions from Athens, you may discover small diamonds that will steal your heart. In this category belong beaches that you can enjoy the sweet swimming of September before you return completely to the daily routine of winter. One such beach is Punta. And we’re not talking about Paros island. It’s a beach in Greece that you go by car but you feel like you’re on an island. Punta Beach is about 1 hour and 40 minutes from Athens and is ideal for a relaxing one-day stay.

Punta: The beach you go by car and looks like an island

Punta beach is just before Aegio and the route there will seem very quick and easy. It is a very clean beach with turquoise waters in some parts. It has pebbles and deep cool waters so if you are the type of person who prefers very hot, you should enter slowly.

In fact, it gets deep quite sharply to two meters from the coast. You should keep that in mind if you’re going with little kids. It is not a completely organized beach so you better bring your equipment. If you like the natural shade, Punta Beach has enough trees that will give you their coolness. If it’s a weekend, make sure you get there in time to get the spot you like.

Punta: The beach you go by car and looks like an island

Photo Source: Google Maps

Punta is so big that no matter how many people it gathers, you never feel it is crowded. You always have the space you need to feel relax while enjoying the sea and a cool breeze. Over the beach, you will find two shops to get coffee or whatever you want. This is another reason for you to stay there until the evening and enjoy a beer or another drink.

It is sure you’ll visit it again. To see exactly where it is you can click HERE.

photo source: Google Maps