Athens has different and more mysterious charm at night. A unique glow that starts from the Acropolis and spreads throughout the city. On the days when we stay home, many of us are nostalgic for the night walks in the capital of Greece. And not without a cause. A walk from the center to the southern or the northern suburbs, can make you feel calm even if you don’t get out of the car. It will make you take another look at this bustling city. Understand why Palamas used to say “Athens is a diamond stone….Earth’s wedding ring”
A night in Athens

The night begins at sunset and ends with the first rays of the sun popping up behind the mountains. Like any big city, Athens is dangerously beautiful at night with its lights fascinating the promenader. The ideal time, of course, to enjoy Athens at night, is in summer.

You will walk in the neighborhoods, you will make a stop for ice cream and of course the open summer cinemas of Athens will draw your attention most than anything else.. But as nice as it is to walk in Athens, it is also so nice to enjoy it from on high. It looks like an illuminated labyrinth whose lights flicker from time to time.

And of course there are places famous for the view they offer in Athens at night, such as the Lycabettus and the Filopappou Hill. But there are dozens of such hidden corners that can give you the opportunity to have a generous look from above in Attica’s basin. The shots from very high altitude are definitely the most fascinating, however. They offer a view of Athens that you don’t see often. And they make our mind wonder in places afar. And when you take this walk from above, you can put in order, places, corners and neighborhoods that you want to visit when you can get out of the house taking your time and wonder about

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