An impressive scenery in the Peloponnese

What characterizes our country is certainly the diversity of the soil and the variety of the landscapes. From endless and turquoise coasts to mountainous landscapes of wild beauty as well as rivers and lakes. Unique beauty scenery. In these colorful landscapes, Greece even has its own desert. And it’s closer than you can imagine. Its the Thines Bartholomiou in the Peloponnese. They call it the “desert of Greece”. A unique setting you don’t come across often and leaves you speechless.

Thines Bartholomiou is located in Elis of the Peloponnese and is in fact a landscape that is covered with sand. What is certain is that it is difficult to detect vegetation and that is why it is called the “desert of Greece”. And it’s a landscape that wasn’t created overnight. In fact, it took many thousands of years of sand accumulation from the western winds that usually blow in the area.

These winds brought the sand to this part of the region of Elis and as a result, they created this scenery that reminds you of the Sahara. When you look closely you can understand what nature has created over the years. Even the few trees you will see at the spot try to survive the conditions and not be covered by the sand.

The Thines of Elias from above

If you haven’t been close to Thines Bartholomiou, then the images you’ll see from above and presented on youtube’s Haanity channel will leave you speechless. The mountains of sand gathered at the site make the view unique.

The “desert of Greece” is one of the rare sights of nature of this kind in Greece. Another desert is also found in Limnos. The sand dunes there, are a little more famous and indeed attract many Greek and foreign tourists. These two locations are proof that the diversity of Greece is constantly surprising us.