The versions of the story behind the name of the famous sandy beach in Andros

It is with certainty one of the most characteristic beaches of Andros but also one of the most famous of the whole of Greece. The beach “Old Lady’s Jump” is located on the southeastern coast of the island near Korthi and has crystal clear turquoise, shallow waters. It may not be the simplest thing to find and approach it, but it’s worth trying when you’re in Andros for your vacation.

As you hear the name of the beach, you wonder why it was given this name. There are three versions of the myth and they have to do with the famous rock that dominates the beach. So this rock, if you look at it from a certain angle, is reminiscent of the profile of an old woman with a handkerchief. One version of the name of the beach speaks of an old woman who jumped off the cliff because she couldn’t stand loneliness after being found a widow for the third time. The second version refers to Turks chasing an old woman who, in desperation, climbed the rock to kill herself, so as not to fall into their hands.

The third and most popular version of “Old Lady’s Jump” also refers to the Castle of the Old Lady Or Castle of Faneromeni in the village of Kochylos, which was particularly powerful during the Turkish occupation. This Castle, the Turks were unable to conquer. That’s why they resorted to fraudulent means, sending an old lady and her pregnant daughter to the castle to ask for help. At night the old lady opened a gate for the Turks to enter. Then they slaughtered the inhabitants. But then, regretting and feeling ashamed of the evil she had caused, she climbed the rock in question and killed herself by jumping into the sea. At the point where the Old Lady jumped, she became a stone. So it is said that she gave the rock its special shape and the beach the most logical explanation for its name.

How are you going to get to “Old Lady’s Jump”?

“Old Lady’s Jump” beach is located in southeastern Andros very close to Korthi. It is about 38 km from the port of Gavrio and 23 km from the capital Chora. Reaching The Bay of Kortgi and driving north along the coastline you reach the small port of Vinchi. The beach “Old Lady’s Jump” is located east of the great bay of Korthi. You’ll see it behind St. Catherine’s chapel.

At the junction to the settlement of Rogos you will continue for a few more meters straight. At the last meters of the route, there is a dirt road which is quite passable. You will now see the beach to your right. You’re going to have to track down the little path that’s going to lead you there. If you are a hiking enthusiast it is probably worth choosing the walking route. It’s from Gyalos through St. Catherine’s. The natural environment that separates the two coves is extremely beautiful.