Crystal clear waters in a landscape surrounded by cedar trees

Holidays in the Cyclades Islands are always one of the best ideas for vacations you can think of for your summer. The variety and diversity of the islands, the picturesque Choras (capital towns), the sandy beaches and the good food are just some of the reasons to arrange a summer vacation there. The protagonist for many is Naxos as it offers all of the above to a superlative degree. It stands out in the Cyclades for its clean and beautiful beaches as well. One of them is Pyrgaki.

Naxos: The area and the golden sandy beach of Pyrgaki

Pyrgaki is a very beautiful settlement that is in southeastern Naxos, with few inhabitants but with a plethora of beauties. There, you will also find a heavenly landscape of natural beauty with cedars, skids and more generally a green natural landscape. All these go all the way to the sea creating a large and sandy beach. It is a beautiful location on the southwest coast of Naxos that leaves no one untouched.

Pyrgaki beach, in the homonymous settlement, is surrounded by golden dunes and cedar trees that create a magical setting. It took its name from the hill that is there and was an observatory for pirates. On the plus side is that it is a relatively quiet beach that offers the visitor the necessary tranquillity for their vacation. It’s not well known, so chances are, you won’t find a lot of people on a visit there. You can enjoy hours in the sea and under the sun and windsurf as well if you are into water sports.

This beach is ideal for families as it has shallow water, but also umbrellas and sunbeds if you prefer organized beaches more. In the area, you will find several accommodations depending on what you prefer. What is certain, is that you will not regret it, since it offers you all that is promised: clean water, calm and carefree moments.

Naxos, an ideal destination for families

The largest island of the Cyclades Complex, leaves no one complaining if they choose it for their vacation. There are so many choices offered, that you can’t help but find what will suit and please you. It is an ideal destination for families, because it has shallow and calm waters and picturesque fishing villagesEven if you don’t want to move a lot, that is, all the time, you can find the settlement you like and spend all your days there. If you now like walking, you will find all over the coastline of golden beaches and blue waters a place to walk.

The golden beach of Pyrgaki in Naxos that leaves no one untouched

Moreover, it is an island where you will find several attractions because it combines a centuries-old history with unique sights and a spectacular and natural interchange of landscapes. More simply put, we can say that, at the same time, it uniquely combines what is delightful with what is beneficial, thanks to its hospitable inhabitants, its vast beaches, its unique local products and its well-hidden mountain villages. It offers the whole package for idyllic vacations and countless reasons for you to choose it.


Don’t forget to try the local cheese and recipes since this particular island of Cyclades Complex, Naxos island, is famous for its rich gastronomy. A small trial will surely help you make up your mind.

Naxos and Pyrgaki are waiting for you…