Capturing moments at the luxurious Naxian Resort residences

Cyclades is one of the most favorite summer destinations for holidays and rest. Some of the islands stand out for the fact that they offer everything you want for your holiday. Peace and safety. One of these islands is Naxos. It is the island that uniquely combines a variety of landscapes, history, sights, and impressive beaches. Naxos is one of the safest places for luxury holidays since it has so far not experienced any cases of Covid-19.

Especially this year, the issue of holidays now is security and privacy. Moreover, given its current safe course, Greece has managed and entered dynamically in the field of investment in private houses that really constitute the best and most efficient solution, both for foreigners and for domestic buyers.

Choosing Naxos for a holiday, you know that you will enjoy the unparalleled beauty of the Cyclades in its best version. And what is better than to you have your own safe house by the sea? This is really paradise!

Magnificent vacation in Naxos and the luxurious residences Naxian Resort

The traditionally built complex of luxury houses Naxian Resort is located on Pyrgaki beach. It is one of the most beautiful sandy beaches of Naxos that reflect the calmness and the quietness of the island. It is a nice place for windsurfing but also its shallow waters are a great advantage for children, while cedar forest and dunes create a wonderful landscape.

The panoramic view of the sea, the magnificent Cycladic natural landscape, the “golden” sand and the quietness of the area are ideal conditions for pleasant summer holidays.

The great advantage of housing is the safety, comfort, and luxury combined in a market, which ensures both the safest way for holidays, but also a lucrative long-term investment.

Some of these independent villas are available for rent at affordable prices. Are the most secure option as, in addition, meet all the security measures against the pandemic, they are located next to a quiet beach and their fully landscaped surroundings with pool, BBQ and fully equipped kitchens are the ideal conditions for a carefree vacation for your family and friends

See photos of Naxian Resort and Pyrgaki beach that extends in front of it:

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