Idyllic sandy beach for relaxing moments

Naxos is famous for its spread and clean beaches. Ideal for families who want to enjoy relaxing moments in the sand and in the sun. And some of these beaches are definitely becoming guests’ favorites. One of these is Alyko Beach. A paradise beach in the cedar forest of Naxos. Perhaps an image you may not be used to encountering often in the Cyclades. What is certain is that the experience and the swimming there will be unforgettable.

When you visit Alyko beach, you will see a windy coast with white sand and turquoise waters. It doesn’t have much land. On the contrary, it is a small creek that not many people know. That’s why you won’t meet a large number of swimmers. This will make your experience even more beautiful. If you go, you can swim early in the morning, just by yourself.

The special feature of the beach is that it generously offers the desired natural shading, thanks to the small cedar forest located there. Something you don’t, of course, find in any Cycladic island. It’s a small oasis that invites you to stay there for hours and enjoy the gentle breeze.

So you can take your dives this way knowing you won’t need an umbrella to protect yourself from the hot sun. And why would you do that if you know you can lie under the cool shade of cedar trees.

Everything you want to know about Alyko Beach

Alyko beach is located in the southwest part of the island and at a distance of 17 km. from The Country. The road is made of asphalt, although at some point before the beach it becomes an easy drive dirt road. There is plenty of parking space around dunes and cedar trees.

If, in fact, you want to eat something after your bath, there are some taverns in the surrounding area.

Other nearby beaches are Kastraki, Little Vigla, and the most secular Plaka and Agios Prokopis, which combine the natural beauty of the beach with the blue waters. In any of the beaches of Naxos you will go after Alyko, it is certain that you will enjoy clear, crystal clear waters and graphical landscapes.