A glimpse of the sky at your feet

Kefalonia is famous for its beautiful and blue beaches with crystal clear waters and white sand. A scene that looks like an exotic destination and you don’t see it anywhere else. Some of them even stand out not only in Greece but also around the world. Such a beach is Myrtos’s. Myrtos is majestic!  If you see it from above,  you won’t be there just once. The images, after all, speak for themselves… It’s no coincidence that they call it a glimpse of the sky.

Definitely the best and most famous beach of Kefalonia and undoubtedly within the list of the best in Greece. The all-white pebbles combined with the unique blue color of the sea, due to the currents of the area, make the landscape look like a painting. The sea is not clear as the mixed sand does not show the bottom.

Also, the waters from the beginning of the beach deepen sharply. But when you visit the beach you will see from above a unique landscape surrounded by cliffs 800 meters high. Also at the edge of the beach, there is a small cave that you can visit.

Myrtos becomes a famous place every summer for tourists from all over the world. It is no coincidence, as it has emerged 11 times as the best beach in Greece – more than any other beach in the country.

When you arrive in Myrtos you will notice that it is organized with umbrellas, sunbeds, canteen, and lifeguards. The lifeguard is necessary as many φορές, from the currents that exist in the area large waves arrear and they are dangerous for swimmers. Nevertheless, if you just want to set up your umbrella, there’s plenty of space to do it!

Everything you want to know about Myrtos

Myrtos is located on the north side of the island, about 30 km from Argostoli. The road needs special attention because of seismic tremors the road surface has some problems

If you go to Myrtos, you will want to spend all day there, since both the waters and the landscape are unique. Enjoy your swim and sunbathe and wait for the sunset. Trust me, you won’t regret it. The view will be unforgettable!

External photography source: Anastasiosz2002