The list of the American CNN Travel had a flavour of Greece

Discover the beautiful island and end up eating fish and ouzo while enjoying the Aegean Sea

Milos received the best advertisment.. And don’t let anyone say an island like this doesn’t need advertising. The beautiful Milos, then, is among the ten most beautiful islands in the whole world. The list is CNN Travel and as we understand it, it was read a lot. The Greek island and the Cyclades are now in the spotlight.

Reference is made to the hinterland but also to the local cuisine, with the necessary note that, in summer, it is overcrowded with people! Although the permanent population is 5,000 inhabitants, in the summer, tourists are several thousand more. The tribute mentions the discovery of Aphrodite of Milos in 1820. Of course, there is a clear call for ouzo and fresh fish by the sea. As a matter of fact, if you don’t do that when in the Aegean Sea for vacation, and especially in the Cyclades Islands,it’s going to be a big mistake.

Also on the list are:

CNN’s list of the 17 most beautiful islands.

  • Bartolomé. The island of Ecuador, a resort for charismatic penguins, hasty crabs and iguanas, as described in the main theme.
  • Fregate. A taste of the Seychelles Islands, perhaps on their best side. A dream.
  • St. Lucia. The island in Antilles with its colourful houses spread like confetti on the slopes.
  • Jura. The island in Scotland that attracts explorers. A magnificent landscape.
  • Komodo. The island of Indonesia is one of the most… hot dreams. A tropical paradise.
  • Senja. The island of Norway that has a tradition in fishing villages.
  • Mo’orea. French Polynesia at its best. The island that offers underwater excursions. A natural recreation area.
  • Palawan. The island in the Philippines that is on UNESCO’s list of protected habitats.
  • Kaua’i. The volcano island in the United States of America.