The special sandy beach with crystal clear waters

Naxos has many different beaches and you can find the one you want. Whether you are looking for a beach for children, organized or not, smaller or larger, in Naxos, you will find what you want. And you’re definitely going to have a good time diving in blue and crystal clear waters. There is also a beach which is the ideal location for lovers of adventure and watersports. It is the beach of Mikri Vigla.

The beach of Mikri Vigla is considered one of the most beautiful in the Aegean Sea. It is sandy with gold sand and extends to a length of about 1 km. Its waters are turquoise and deepen sequentially. Mikri Vigla is an organized beach.

It is the natural continuation of the other popular beaches of Naxos. The area is ideal for windsurfing, while it is considered the best beach in Naxos for kite surfing because in the location of the bay the air is convenient for jumping.

Historically, it was an observatory of the island, from where the inhabitants saw the arrival of pirates in time. So it was used to send messages through fire and smoke to the rest of the island.

The cove of Mikra Vigla consists of two beaches that are separated from each other by a rocky area. The two beaches are the Parthenou and the Sahara. The picturesque beach of Parthenou took its name from the small chapel that dominates it.

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What else you should know about Mikri Vigla?

Mikri Vigla is located on the southwest side of Naxos 16 km from Chora. The road network from which starts from the area of Plaka has a dirt road while the road network that starts from Kastraki has an asphalt road.

You can park your car comfortably on the surrounding slopes of the beach. Enjoy an amazing swimming in crystal clear waters. If you are in Naxos it is definitely one of the beaches that we recommend you to visit. You’re going to be thrilled!