A journey through time where memories are mixed with information

6,000 unique exhibits lead the passenger to space and time

At the Electric Railway terminal in Piraeus, there is the starting point for the history of the railway. The Electric Railway Museum.

At the Museum you will travel through time, with the company of exhibits of special value. For example, you can see one of the first 12 wagons that were built to operate the railway. A Greek construction that reminds you that you can rely on your own strengths. Along with this huge souvenir, there are still 5,999. That’s right, you get it. If you have the time and urge, there are exhibits that start from photographs and go up to the personal belongings of employees, at the Museum of Electric Railways of Piraeus. You can even look at collectible billboards. Because at that time, the passengers were wandering around the place. They weren’t glued to their cell phone screen.

As it happens in most cases in Greece, the museum was set up thanks to the determination of some people, together with their passion. This created a really special place.

The initiator of the project is a former employee of the Electric Railways Company of Piraeus. Manolis Fotopoulos… whistled in 1995 and the journey through time began to set up, piece by piece. On the floors of the museum, memories are confused with information. And the details, as always, make the difference. The plethora of exhibits are accompanied by a complete socio-political flashback of the country’s history.

You have no excuse not to visit it.

Why is that?

First of all, it’s open 330 days a year. Seven days a week. It’s free, and there’s no way you wouldn’t ever take the train to get down to the port. Be careful, please. Next stop: Museum of Electric Railways. In Piraeus.