An ideal island for a private and relaxing holidays

The small islands of the Cyclades and the Dodecanese are real diamonds that make you think it is definitely worth making alternative choices on your holidays. Leros is one of those choices that will satisfy you. A dream island that, although small, offers you everything you want for a relaxing holiday in which you will miss nothing. The authentic little one of the Dodecanese is waiting for you to fill you with images, flavors, and aromas. Unique experiences

They called it the island of Artemis. Less important is the name. the most important for you to know is that you will enjoy a relaxing holiday away from the mess of the cosmopolitan islands. You won’t be crammed into alleys and beaches and many times you will feel that the beaches are reserve just for you

The settlements of the island are scattered and all of them have a common characteristic. They have a simplicity and a unique aesthetic. In Agia Marina, you will see traditional houses and mansions while your gaze will be drawn by the romantic and picturesque windmill. In all the settlements you will find graphical and attentive accommodations many of which have the traditional architecture of Leros.

What also impressed us in Leros is how green the island is. Large areas with tufted trees that promise coolness and an idyllic environment. However, as an island, Leros has one Levelness and from there got its name. From the ancient word Levros which means smooth, flat.

Leros and its beaches

Apart from beautiful settlements in Leros, you will find some of the most beautiful beaches. Blue and shallow waters with sand and small pebbles. We loved Penteli. It is a large and quite famous beach which is located in the homonymous settlement.

If you want something quieter, then you have to go to Agia Kiura. It’s perfect for cozy and relaxes dives. Whichever beach you choose in Leros, you will definitely not be complaining in any way.

Don’t miss:

– To visit the castle of Beleni in Alinda which, apart from its historical and architectural meaning, also hosts cultural activities.

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