You will be there quickly and you are going to enjoy it …

It’s like being on an island close to Athens, but you haven’t actually set foot on a ship. It’s the one-day trip you’re going to do and you’re going to do it again and again because there’s always something different to offer you and you’re always going to have a good time. Just feeling like you’re on an island no matter what time of year you’re there, it’s something special. That’s the feeling when you are in Lavrio. And it’s one of our favorite destinations on the list of nearby getaways.

Because Lavrio is located in the southeast of Attica. There are so many things in this beautiful place it has its port, its marina, the Aegean at its feet with background the martyred Makronisos and the ridges of nearby Gas and, it “travels” you even if you have not been far from your home. It’s not far, it’s not expensive, and you can get there quickly. Do you need anything else to decide to go?

Walk-in nearby Lavrio

Lavrio makes you think you’re on a Cycladic island. And even if it has no alleys, or a hill with a castle and the town, surrounding it, there are many others in Lavrio. Nice square, industrial facilities with history, low buildings in its urban core, hidden corners in the streets behind the window, and interesting walks around the beach.

It also has a long history. It is known from classical antiquity for silver mining and the Athenian tetradrama. You can even visit Kyprianos,the settlement of miners and perhaps the first industrial settlement of Greece. Of course, you should not miss the opportunity to take a walk in the palm garden on the outskirts of the city, which was created in the late 19th century. The palm forest functioned as a biological cleansing of Kyprianou. Also, with a name borrowed from the popular muse, the neoclassical building “Efterpi” was the most important entertainment center of the inhabitants since 1893.

A visit will convince you that it is the closest… island in Athens for an afternoon coffee is Lavrio. A beauty outside Athens and within Attica, with the characteristic rectangular square with the fountain and the nice walks. And on the plus side, you’ll never find crowds and a lot of people.

How to get to Lavrio

Like we said, in Lavrio you arrive simply and quickly. If you live north, from Attica Road, you are there quite fast. And if you want to save the toll, you get Lavrio Avenue from the Stavros of Agia Paraskevi. If you live in the center or south you enter the coastal Athens-Sounio road and you arrive. Another hidden beauty just outside the center!

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