A unique combination of green and blue waters and pebbles.

Kythera is famous for its beaches. All of them have clear waters and they are in the midst of idyllic landscapes. Some of them, however, stand out for their beauty and waters. And they capture the hearts of the visitors from the first moment they step there. One of these beaches in Kythera is the famous Kaladi beach. A heaven on earth, without exaggeration. If you get there, you’ll know what we’re talking about.

Kaladi is one of the best beaches of Kythera. Many, in fact, consider it as the best. It is a wonderful beach whose trademark is the big rock that exists in the middle of the beach.

The environment is ideal as it is distinguished by the turquoise crystal clear waters, the diverse pebbles, and the quietness it offers. The most famous part of the beach is the central one where the path leads you.

It may seem like a small beach at first, but it’s bigger than it looks. In fact it consists of 3 sections, all of them seem heavenly and serene. The last part of it is impressive as it ends in a small cave which leads you to a very small beach.

It is not an organized beach but there is a small canteen.

Useful information about the beach

Kaladi is located on the eastern side of the island, about 10 km from the port in Diakovti. The road is in good conditions but in the last meters before you reach the height of the beach it becomes a dirt road. But it won’t make it any harder for you. When you park on the side of the road you will go down the alley leading to the beach, which consists of 120 stone steps.

If you find yourself in Kythera do not miss a visit to Kyriakoulou beach. It is a beach that seems as if no one has ever visited it.

Photo Source: kythera.gr



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