Exploringgreece.tv the Dream- Beach of the island

Ithaca is one of those islands that will definitely not disappoint you as fas as it concerns its beaches. Crystal clear, turquoise waters combine with green landscapes that offer you idyllic and relaxing moments just by listening to the waves. In Ithaca you will find sandy beaches as well as pebbles and you will enjoy the sun and the sea, in their best version. All the beaches are crystal clear and invite you to stay there from morning until sunset. That’s what we did. On Kourvoulia Beach! In one of the three that is, the calmest and well hidden sandy beach.

Kourvoulia: the hidden paradise of Ithaca

This particular beach we spotted completely by accident as we were driving along the coastal road of Ithaca looking for the place where to take our dives. At one point we saw parked two or three cars and immediately suspected that we were probably too close to a special secret. That’s how it happened. We were a few meters away from the beach Kourvoulia. We accidentally found ourselves at the calmest and most hidden.

Kourvoulia: The hidden paradise of Ithaca Once we approached the beach there was no doubt. We were to spend there our day. Clean, crystal clear waters, pebbles and green scenery around. We didn’t even need our umbrella as the shade of the trees reached some places to the edge of the sea. An unorganized beach with the natural beauty of the hidden coasts of our country which enchants you.

Kourvoulia: The hidden paradise of Ithaca

Kourvoulia was what we call the pleasant surprise of the day. We knew that wherever we go we could find turquoise waters but this beach confirmed that as we explore the places we visit, we can find natural wonders. Especially when you’re on an island that’s in itself like heaven.

Going on holiday to Ithaca

Ithaca is the island of the Ionian Sea that you can easily to see it around in just 48 hours. This means if you take a three-day trip, you’ll have some of the nicest vacations of your life. You will also enjoy very good food and hospitality. Seek to swim in beaches accessed exclusively by boat.

It’s going to be your Ithaca that you’ll always want to come back to…