A hidden corner worthy to visit it

A little further from our nearby beaches in Attica, where we can’t imagine, real diamonds may be hiding. Beaches you never imagined, isolated and with turquoise waters. Such a beach is hidden in Argosaroikos and specifically in Salamina. It is the beach Kochi. A true treasure worthy to visit it and spend an unforgettable one-day stay there. Because the sunset there is a special experience.

Kochi, the blue-green beach in Salamina

Salamina may not have many famous beaches but in reality, it is a gifted place where you will find beautiful sandy beaches and mountains. It is a place near Athens ideal for a peaceful escape on both the mountain and the sea. It is also a low budget destination, which allows you to stay longer than you originally planned. Don’t go just for a weekend’s escape.

Part of Salamina remains unexplored which makes it even more charming. There is the beach of Kochi. A corner of amazing beauty that will surprise you pleasantly. Kochi beach is well hidden under the wonderful stone lighthouse that dominates the area. In fact, it is the southernmost beach of Salamina and the landscape is particularly beautiful with a wide view of the blue waters of the Saronic gulf.

The fact that it is located in the southern part of Salamina makes it probably the cleanest beach in the area. The images from above are amazing.

It is a combination of turquoise waters and white/grey sand. Of course, it is not a large and organized beach so you have to have with you all the necessities to spend the day there. Probably you won’t meet people there, if you go early, it could be a private beach.

What is certain, however, is that you will enjoy a relaxed and calm swimming. To see exactly where the beach is you can click HERE.

Check out some stunning images from above from the Up Drones video channel on Youtube.