Wild beauty and tradition combined!

Imposing mountain peaks, breathtaking landscapes, alpine images, and sounds of nature flooding the atmosphere. All this composes the scenery in a Greek village that stands out. Not only for its beauty but also for the fact that it is considered the tallest in the Balkans. It is Samarina. Beautiful and imposing, it stands on the northeast slopes of Smolika and can offer you a few days of total relaxation away from everyone and everything. If these days you manage to have some days off, then don’t think about it at all. Pack your luggage and ready to go!

Samarina is the beautiful village of Grevena which is a popular destination all year round. It always has to offer you the beauty of nature, the quietness, and very good food. Its trademark it is the good food and especially the meat, there you will make a traditional gastronomic journey.

The altitude of Samarina is 1,450 meters and is therefore considered not only the highest village in Greece but also the entire Balkans. This genuine Vlachochori keeps the traditions and there you will see another Greece that you are going to think about it often. Apart from high altitude, this village has a lot of vibrancy. The inhabitants are mostly breeders and very active. In addition to working, they know how to have a good time, and you’ll understand that from the first moment you get there.

The taverns are filled not only by visitors but also by locals who gather to drink a tsipouro, a beer, and eat a snack. And they’re waiting for you to join them. If you’re lucky, you’ll get someone older to tell you a story from the old days. For the village and its legends. And you’ll make the promise that one day you’ll come back…

Samarina Grevena (Samarina Grevenon)

How to get to Samarina

The tallest village in Greece is not the closest to Athens. You need about six hours to get there so it’s a good thing to have at least five days to not tire you out of the trip and enjoy it as much as possible. You’re going to take a lot of walks in the forests, and if you like hiking, you’re going to discover routes that come out like a fairy tale.

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