Where you will find amazing beaches, good food, and tradition

There may be a list of the large and the famous Greek islands that prefer Greek and foreign tourists, but the smallest ones often they have their own secrets and treasures. Also, there are islands that you may not even think about but they can offer you quality, cheap holidays and strong emotions. Such a Greek island is Karpathos! It has dozens of beauties, unique beaches and special gastronomy. And at very normal prices.

Karpathos is an economic destination and according to a Forbes survey in 2018, it was on the list of the cheapest in the world. The article was referred to 100 destinations in the world and only one was in Greece. According to the author, it is worth going to Karpathos for a holiday because it is quite similar to Santorini or Mykonos but it is quieter and cheaper.

You can find affordable accommodations, taverns to eat, and have a drink in the evening in beautiful and not expensive bars. It has everything you need for a pleasant day on your holiday, after the beach.

The Greek island with 100 beaches

Karpathos stands out for one more thing. It’s the island of the 100 beaches. Exacklyas you read it. There you will not find one, or two but 100 different beaches to choose from and to enjoy your swimming. Of course, this gives you many alternatives as you will be able to choose between large and organized beaches to smaller and more isolated. Whatever you’re looking for, this Greek island will offer you.

The Greek island that has been placed on the list of the cheapest destinations in the world The beach that we prefer (and many people share the same opinion who have visited Karpathos) is the Apella. That’s where you’re going to see emerald waters and golden sand that will magnetize you and make you to stay forever. Also, Diakoftis stands out with the white beach that according to opinions it is reminiscent of Seychelles and we confirm it.

The Greek island that has been placed on the list of the cheapest destinations in the world2

Photo Source: karpathos.gr

Karpathos and its gastronomy

Another thing that stands out in Karpathos is good food. That’s where you’ll eat just as good meat and also delicious fish. Don’t forget to try the traditional recipes of the island such as Makarounes and handmade pasta with mizithra (Greek white cheese). Flavors reminiscent of Greece and touches of the Greek islands on your plate.

External photography source: karpathosinfo.com