The island in the Cyclades Complex that invites you to meet it

The Pacific may have its own Hawaii but the Aegean Sea in Greece does not fall short. It has exotic beaches of unparalleled beauty and places you may not imagine they exist until you meet them. So there’s the Greek Hawaii. We are talking about a beach that Naxos boasts of. It’s also called Alykos.

Greece’s Hawaii is in Naxos island

A deserted white sand beach made from the stock that dreams are made of. Hawaii… in Greece is located just before Alykos. It is essentially hidden in the cedar forest and has white sand and turquoise waters. It also has rocks and dunes that create small, private “beaches”. It is essentially a quiet beach with white sand and turquoise waters that will surely “smite you” from the first moment. Naxos’ Hawaii needs some walking in order for one to get there, but it compensates you from the start, so you’ll quickly forget about any inconvenience made.

It gives you an experience that you will hardly find on another beach. The natural setting combined with the clear waters and the tranquillity in the place, make Hawaii the ideal summer destination for diving. The fact that it is not one of the most famous beaches of the island makes you almost certain that you will not find it crowded.

Even the sunset there is enchanting. So it’s worth taking a swim and staying until there late in the evening to enjoy it.

Locals say it is one of the wildest in beauty and pristine beaches of the island. It is a pleasant surprise for anyone who chooses it for his summer dip-diving. Since you can’t go near enough by car, you’d better be prepared especially if you’re having small children.

The special beaches of Naxos

Isolated, cosmopolitan, with sand or pebbles. Easily accessible or less accessible, the beaches of Naxos have golden sand and blue waters. These make up the unique puzzle of the coastline of Naxos island! The largest island of the Cyclades Islands, Naxos has a huge coastline with dreamy, sandy beaches. They are waiting for you to discover them and enjoy your swim in their blue waters.

Photo Source: Ildebrando

An equally well-known beach is Agia Anna. You’ll find it next to St. Prokopios. It is a beautiful, narrow sandy beach. What stands out in its waters is that they are considered colder than the rest in the Aegean Sea. It is an equally organized beach.

If you want to meet the Sahara of Naxos, you will go all the way to Kastraki. We’re talking about a long and lengthy beach that will charm you. It’s only partially organized, so you’d better have the essentials with you, especially if you’re staying there for the whole day. It is huge in length and width with golden sand. It’s of no coincidence that they call it the Sahara. It’s so big that it belongs in the category of the beaches that you don’t bother anyone and no-one bothers you. It is good that the tourist development has left it still untouched, which means that you will enjoy calm and relaxed dives away from the crowds.

Hawaii in Greece, however, deserves your attention this summer…