A short getaway for the weekend

Autumn is the season when you’ve been full of batteries since the summer period, but you miss the excursions and the sea. You still have time to spend a weekend or take a one-day trip close to Athens. Attica and the places around are ideal for a one day trip without having to spend a lot of money or time to make the trip. Such a place which is close to Athens and it looks like an island when actually it is not. It is Galaxidi. The nearby seaside village which is ‘a must’ for a weekend that looks like an island but it is not.

Galaxidi: An economic destination close to Athens

And Galaxidi has everything. Sea, picturesque alleys, beautiful corners, and good food,  at very good prices and excellent service. And this is the main reason that will make you visit it again and very soon. This destination close to Athens is ideal if you want to escape for a  weekend from Athens but not to travel far away. It is just two hours from the center of Athens.

If you go as long as the weather is good you will be able to enjoy swimming since most beaches have warm waters and almost no wind. A typical example is the Agios Vasilios beach. There you will enjoy a hot swim until the end of October.

Galaxidi is a romantic destination that will make you escape from everyday life for a while. You’re going to walk on cobblestones and eat in traditional taverns. If you manage to go for a three-day trip, you can easily organize an excursion to Arachova or Delphi. Perfect for a quiet and relaxed autumn getaway close to Athens.

Galaxidi: Weekend in the picturesque seaside village

Photo Source: Google Maps