Turquoise water and trees touching it

The Caribbean may be famous for its crystal clear waters but the summer holidays in Greece will convince you that our country does not fall short of this exotic destination in terms of beaches. There are Greek beaches with Caribbean-like waters combined with trees that almost touch the water. They are the so-called exotic beaches of Greece that you can find scattered in many parts of the country. The Ionian Sea certainly has its fair share since there, the waters in many cases are literally transparent.

In mygreece.tv we gathered the five Greek beaches that have waters like those of the Caribbean Islands…

Butumi – Antipaxos

When you see pictures of this Greek beach, you are impressed. When you see it up close, you can’t imagine that reality goes far beyond what you have imagined. A small bay with shallow, crystal clear, turquoise waters, vegetation that’s leaking the waves and a beach that is inside it with white sand and pebbles. It’s Butumi in Antipaxos. Apart from the water that does not fall short of its Caribbean counterpart, one characteristic that makes this beach stand out is the vegetation, with cypress trees reaching up to the sand.

Ballos – Crete

Five Greek beaches with Caribbean-like watersPhoto Source: balos-travel.com

A beach that rivets you with its colours. It is the pink beach in Greece as it has pink sand that you rarely find worldwide. It’s Ballos in Crete. White fine sand and turquoise waters are the first images you’ll see if you go there. This magical image of the crystal clear waters of the sea and the pink sand you will see only on one more beach in Crete, the one on Elafonisi. It is a distinct colour of sand which has been created because of the thousands of broken shells. If you find yourself in Ballos, you will feel as if you were in… The Caribbean Sea.

Bella Vraka – Sivota

Five Greek beaches with Caribbean-like waters4

You must see this beach from above, first, in order to reach it. This way, you will be easily persuaded to descend into this earthly paradise in Sivota. Actually it’s not one but two beaches. They’d touch each other in a strange way if they weren’t separated by a narrow, perfectly turquoise strip of sea-water. The exotic Bella Vraka connects Sivota with the islet of Mourtemeno and is a sight for shore eyes. From one exotic beach to another you can walk through the water, which barely reaches knee-hight. Such images are not always easy to find on Greek beaches so if you go there, you have to enjoy it all you can.

Seychelles – Ikaria

Five Greek beaches with Caribbean-like waters1

Myrtos – Kefalonia

Five Greek beaches with Caribbean-like waters1

The Ionian Sea strikes again and it is at its best. Myrtos beach has been singled out as the best and most famous beach of Kefalonia and is undoubtedly on the list of Greek beaches. It is of no coincidence that they call it “a small piece of heaven”. The all-white pebbles combined with the unique blue colour of the sea, due to the currents of the area, make the landscape look like a painting. It’s like being in a part of the Caribbean Islands. The landscape is unparalleled from above. You will see green rocks that end up on a fairly long beach with white pebbles. And when you dive into the – not so warm – water, you’ll have just completed one of the most shocking experiences in your life.