Almost half of the population of the country lives in Athens divided into its dozens of regions and districts. Some of them, in fact, are unknown to many and are located in very central parts of the city. And you may have been to Vironas (from lord Byron’s name) many φορές, but do you know what Nea Elvetia (meaning New Switzerland) is? Probably not…

Here are, then, five districts of Athens that few know exist…


Anakasa is a district located west of New Philadelphia and further north of Agioi Anargyri; in addition to this district in the area of Agioi Anargyri there is also Chuba, Mykoniatika, The District of Agioi Akindinoi, Agia Paraskevi, Analipsi-Myrofores, Pyrgos District and the Railway Workers Neighborhood. You probably hear of them for the first time and so do most of us.

Ellinoroson (meaning Greek-Russian)

It is the area located between Katechaki avenue, Kifisias avenue, Mesogeion avenue and Psychiko district. If you know where the Red Cross hospital is, then you know exactly where the Ellinoroson (Greco-Russian) area is. The area is purely urban and it initially housed Greek refugees from Russia, where its name comes from.

Guva (meaning The Pothole)

Gouva is a densely built district of Athens located in the southeast of the municipality of Athens. In the south, it borders with the Neos Kosmos (meaning New World) and Daphne district, to the north with Pagkrati distrtict and Vironas district, to the east with Ymittos district and to the west with the area of Metz. In older φορές, the Kato Gouva district was considered to be the area around Agios Artemios district and Ano Gouva district was considered the area around Empedokleous street.

Lofos Axiomatikon (meaning Officerhill)

Lofos Axiomatikon is a district that belongs to the Peristeri area. The area is named after two families of officers who had settled in the area before World War II. This hill was meant for officers’ residences, which ultimately didn’t happen. On July 6th, 1944, the Germans and their collaborators made an on-site roadblock where there is the corresponding monument of the fallen.

Nea Elvetia (meaning New Switzerland)

It is located between Byronas district and Kareas district. It is not a particularly large district but it is very well known to those who live in the wider area. You’ve probably seen that name on the trolley that goes through Nea Elvetia district, Pagkrati district and Patissia.district.

External photography source: Flickr