The interesting story behind the crystal clear waters

Even Greece’s most famous beaches may be hiding secrets and stories you never even imagined. Behind their blue waters and white sand, think about how rich history unfolds since these places have experienced many changes over the centuries. This is also the case with one of the most famous beaches in Greece. It is Falasarna in Crete. An exotic beach that hides another interesting element. It used to be an ancient port!

Falasarna: A beach of amazing beauty

Falasarna is located 59 km west of Chania and is undoubtedly not only a diamond of Crete but also of the whole of Greece. It is no coincidence, after all, that tourists from all over the world go there. To swim in its crystal clear waters and enjoy the beautiful scenery. It has also been awarded as the best beach in Crete and one of the 10 best beaches in Europe.

It is a huge sandy beach that is actually 5 consecutive beaches, with the two most central being the most beloved. The main beach is actually Pachia Ammos and is an exotic wide sandy beach with a length of 1 km.

The light sand makes the waters look tropical and causes you to dive.

The stunning beach that was once an ancient port

The beach that was once an ancient port

What many do not know is that this beautiful beach was once an ancient port. We’re actually talking about ancient Falasarna. These have been a strong city-state in its time and the findings from the ancient city are impressive.  In ancient times the beach was one of the two ports of Polyrinia, the most powerful city-state in the region. The other of the two great ports was Kissamos.

The name, now, of the area, is attributed to the nymph – local heroine Falasari. Characteristic of the power that falasarna had acquired was that they had become independent at some point having an ever-strained relationship with Polyrinia. Falasarna was also one of the richest cities in Minoan Crete.

And all this to the point where today we visit and enjoy our dives. In this exotic part of Greece. Exploring our country, we always discover interesting aspects that rivet us…

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