Perfect choice for a short getaway

f you have gone on holiday in September, then surely you know that you enjoy the warmest waters in the sea and without the crowds of summer. If you belong to the category of those who stop the swimming at sea as soon as the first rain starts then surely you can make a mini escape to Evia to make your last dives. The beaches in Evia are ‘a must’ for a one-day trip or even autumn weekend when the weather is still hot and you expand for a while this feeling of summer. Hiliadou Beach is exactly the place where you can say goodbye to your swims in the sea for this year.

The beach of Hiliadou, an ideal destination for a nearby escape

Hiliadou is one of the beaches in Evia with crystal clear waters. As soon as you get there, you’ll see its blue waters and its white pebbles. They do not unjustly call it one of the most beautiful beaches of Evia. For this reason, it always gathers people but you will never feel it is crowded. It’s spread out and you can enjoy your swim without any feeling of being disturbed or you bother someone else

Part of it is organized but always has space to spread your towel and your umbrella and enjoy your swimming. And we’re talking, of course, about these autumn dives that have some of the sweet nostalgia of summer. You may even find campers there in September that enjoy their swimming before the first rains catch.

What you should watch out is that while it is a shallow beach at the beginning, then it deepens sharply. Keep that in mind, especially if you’re going there with little kids. Otherwise, everyone in the family will enjoy swimming there. See exactly where Hiliadoou beach is located by clicking HERE.

The beaches in Evia for a short getaway

The beaches of Evia are the ideal choice for the last dives of autumn. You can go either for a one-day trip or a weekend to the farthest. Somehow you expand the summer and enjoy some cool moments like an island. Apart from the beauty, that you will encounter there, for most beaches in Evia, the route is so beautiful. Make a gift to yourself and organize even a one-day trip in the waters of the Aegean until the next summer…