Why fly with Etihad Airways?

1. Etihad Airways Discount Coupons And Review

Etihad Airways is a dynamic national carrier owned by the Government of Abu Dhabi. This relatively youthful airline was established in 2003 by a Royal Decree. This airline is one constituent of the five divisions that make up the Etihad Aviation Group (EAG). The main mandate of this carrier has been to serve people safely while upholding commercial viability. Its vision is to become the world leader while leveraging on its central and strategic location in the globe. This airline has embraced the role of collaboration with other partners to further spread its wings to serve more people. For a ticket travelers have to pay one the highest prices worldwide but with the available online Etihad coupons, costs are now affordable. Deals for Etihad can be found online in various coupon sites or travel blogs.

2. Etihad’s Airways Fleet

As alluded to above, Etihad Airways has partnered with other airlines to reach more destinations. Before looking at the destinations served, let us consider their fleet. This airline has a current fleets of aircraft that ensure comfort, performance and sophistication. The fleet consists of new aircraft that have excellent entertainment systems and outstanding dining services. Among the fleets includes the Airbus A320 Family which has a capacity of 174. The airline has 35 aircraft of this series. Another series to find is the Airbus A330 Family which has a capacity of 262 people. The Boeing 777 Family is a member of their fleet as well. This model series can carry up to 412 people and there are 30 units. Another Boeing series is the 787-9 which has a capacity of 299. To this end, this airline has a dynamic fleet to serve its customers effectively.

For those who are looking for cargo services, this airline has a suitable cargo fleet as well. The aircraft include Airbus A330 Freighter, Boeing 777 Freighter and Boeing 747 Freighter Family. Etihad Airways is also investing in future fleets like the Airbus A359 Family.

3. Etihad’s Airways Destinations

With the above passenger and cargo fleet, there are endless destinations covered by the airline. It flies to 5 continents that include Asia-Pacific, Africa, Europe, The Americas and the Middle East. In Europe, carrier has a presence in many cities and countries like Greece, Cyprus, France, Germany, Russia, Finland, Denmark, Spain, United Kingdom, Latvia; the list goes on and on. In the Americas, the carrier flies to many cities in the United States, Mexico, Colombia, Puerto Rico and Canada. Asia-Pacific nations like China, Australia, Japan, Nepal, Vietnam and many others are covered by the airline. In Africa, cities in Egypt and Morocco have regular flights. Etihad coupons are applicable to all the above destinations depending on season and current promotional deals.

4. Etihad’s Airways Awards

The carrier is a Skytrax certified 5-star airline with numerous other awards. In 2017, it took the Australia’s Leading Airport Lounge award. In 2016, it was ranked as the World’s leading airline. There are endless awards that have been netted over the years recognizing its crews, first class offerings, in-flight entertainment standards among others.

5. Etihad’s Airways Baggage Policy

Etihad Airways has a comprehensive baggage policy for its customers. A carry-on baggage for example must not exceed 7kgs for the economy class. The checked baggage allowance weight cannot exceed 32 kgs. There are specific guidelines for infant baggage, different destinations and other variables. To keep updated with the latest baggage policy, checking out their site will be in order.

6. Etihad’s Phone App

The carrier has an award-winning mobile app that will make your travel much easier. Available for iPhone and Android, the app can be downloaded at any time on their site. Users will be in a position to book flights, find available etihad discount promo codes, check-in and track the live status of the carriers’ flights.

7. Etihad’s Coupons And Promotional Deals

The carrier offers its customers excellent deals in emirate coupons for discounts. With the 2017 promotion codes, fliers can enjoy up to 15% discount on all flights. The emirate coupons can be accessed as you book your flight. Just look out for the discount codes.

Although the airline is youthful in every way, it has managed to step up and enjoy top ranking in the world. To this end, the carrier has been seen to provide impeccable services through the years to the satisfaction of many. Customers can look forward to enjoying the Etihad Experience which caters to every element of travel ensuring utmost convenience.