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The best things to buy in Santorini are the simple ones

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Do not leave Santorini without some precious souvenirs to remember it by

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Shopping is definitely one of the many pleasures Santorini has to offer. Besides handmade gold and silver jewelry, the island is known for its local art and sculpture, handicrafts and textiles such as embroidery, rugs and knitted goods. However, truly unique and worth taking back home are the island’s traditional local products sold at several stores where you can buy anything from Santorini wine to Santorini tomato seeds. One of the best gifts you can bring home to your friends is the Santorini wine, particularly those that are not available in your home country. When you visit the wineries they can tell you which wines are exported and who carries them which will enable you to avoid the heavy lifting. For those wines that you can only get in Santorini, the wineries will package them so you can carry them home with you without fear of breaking them. Other more durable gifts from Santorini would be the tomato seeds, white eggplant seeds, local Canava ouzo, a bottle of Santorini Raki (or two is even better), or some of the delicious pickled and canned goods you can find in the shops selling traditional products.  

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