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One of the top names in the world tourist map, Myconos can do a lot of things for a lot of different people! It may be mostly known for its cosmopolitan character and jet set lifestyle, but it can be equally rewarding for those seeking peace, serenity and relaxation, far from the bustling Chora, the island’s capital. One thing however is definitely appreciated by all Myconos visitors: the pristine, transparent waters of its numerous beaches, some catering to the party crowds, others to nudists, others to families with kids. Strolling in the ‘postcard’ white-washed alleys of Chora is a sheer pleasure, for its unique architecture offering countless photo opportunities and its beautiful little shops, selling from folk souvenirs to expensive top luxury brands. Justifiably called the ‘Island of Winds’ for the constant presence of the northern Cycladic wind, Myconos never gets really hot, even if mainland Greece is stricken by a heat wave.
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    No wonder why Mykonos Island is a favorite destination worldwide; visitors from around the globe choose it for their holidays for a thousand different reasons, since the famous Cycladic Island has so much to offer for every type of traveler. Mykonos is world famous for its beautiful golden sandy beaches and transparent waters. There is a beach for every taste and mood. ...

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