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Vori village is an official protected area with unique architecture

Crete | Vori Village

Vori is an interesting village with an acclaimed Ethnology museum

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Vori is a beautiful village in the Messara Valley, 60 km south of Heraklion. The village stretches on a slope, by the side of a small river. Due to its unique beauty and historical importance, in 1978 it was characterized a traditional protected village by the Ministry of Culture of Greece. The archaeological site of Phaistos is 2 km to the south and the coast of Messara 4 km to the west. Not to miss at Vori is the Exquisite museum of Cretan Ethnology which offers a well-rounded exhibition of traditional life in Crete. In 1992 the Museum exhibition won the European Museum of the Year Award (ΕΜΥΑ) from the Council of Europe. The exhibits are organized thematically, with the most important themes being rural life, food production, war, traditions, architecture, music, etc. It is undoubtedly the best folk museum on the island, following strictly the principles of modern Museology.

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