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Neapolis is a picturesque village of Crete near Ierapetra town

Crete | Neapolis Village

Neapoli still retains some of its old glamour as capital of the Lasithi region

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Neapolis, at about 54km east of Heraklion, is located in a green valley with dense olive groves, from which passes the main street connecting Heraklion to Agios Nikolaos. It is a quiet town with many beautiful buildings, nice gardens, old churches and several attractions. During the Turkish Occupation of Crete, the village underwent an impressive development, due to the fact that the Turks decided to move the capital of the Lassithi Prefecture to Neapoli. Indeed, Neapoli remained the capital of East Crete till 1904 and this is the reason why even today a number of Greek state authorities are housed here. In Neapolis, you can enjoy your food or coffee in the main square, near the Cathedral. The town is also famous for the production of orgeat, a sweet beverage made from almonds which is offered throughout Crete in festive occasions. At a distance of 3 kilometers to the town’s northeast are the ruins of the ancient Doric city of Dreros, on the low hill of Agios Antonios. Excavations have brought to light interesting edifices such as the temple of Apollo Delphinios, dated to the 8th century b.C. Various accommodations of all types can be found in beautiful Neapolis and for the eclectic traveler there are excellent rent-a-villa opportunities in the area. 

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