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Kapsa Monastery is considered a must-visit tourist Attraction in Crete

Crete | Kapsa Monastery

As if carved into the hills, scenic Kapsa monastery can be combined with a refreshing swim

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The Κapsa monastery on Crete’s southeast is situated at the mouth of Perivolakia Gorge and looks as if it has been carved into the hills, gazing out over the Libyan Sea and Koufonissi Island. Its catholicon (main chapel) is a cavernous, two-aisled church dedicated to Saint John and the Holy Trinity and the monastery’s other buildings spread out around it. The monastery, dating from the 14th century, is still active, housing the remains of a 19th century mystic named Gerontogiannis, who was a kind of cult figure in the district with alleged powers of prophecy and divination. His body rests in a silver casket inside the monastery.  Before and after Kapsa monastery in the region of Kalo Nero, there are many pristine coves with emerald waters, salt cedars and small pebbles. One of them is the beach at Staousa. Enjoy a refreshing dip into the sea and then wear something decent to visit Kapsa. 

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