Crete Video Guide

“Megalónisos”, the “Great Island”, is the Greek moniker for Crete and indeed it is almost a country unto itself. Its towns and villages are a marvelous display of different landscapes and atmospheres, from picturesque mountainous villages to laid-back seaside resorts, to busy modern towns. One element however permeates them all: the famous Cretan hospitality, a trait deeply ingrained in the Cretan way of life. Crete’s rich monastic history is best presented at Toplou Monastery, housing remarkable works of art, Byzantine icons and other exhibits that reflect the course of Cretan history. Another typically…Cretan thing to do is walk in the streets of Rethymno, this labyrinthine maze of alleys, squares with Venetian era fountains like the Rimondi, built in 1628, churches and mosques. Sitia, this not very touristy town of Crete, is another important destination promising a peaceful vacation in an attractive seaside town topped by a ruined Venetian castle.

About Crete

First Time in Crete About us | is a travel video guide that provides information about the top travel destinations in Greece.  It gives to the traveller through small video presentations, information of the history, the things to do, the sightseeing and the attractions, the must things to visit revealing the destination's ambiance ! Great way to see it all, when you want to have vacations in Greece ! Our team in a weekly basis adds videos in the destinations. There are more destinations coming...!



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