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Visiting Voidomatis beach is a must thing to do in Crete.

Crete | Voidomatis Beach

Voidomatis is a stunning secluded beach with beautiful rock formations

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Voidomatis beach is located 62km south of Heraklion and 2.5km east of the hamlet Tris Ekklisies. The impressive Mesosfini gorge with towering walls and wild cliffs, a very common landscape in the Asterousia mountains, ends in Voidomatis. At the end of the gorge, there is a stunning sandy beach with blue waters and two big rocks emerging from the sea, but its main characteristic is the impressive huge cave formed at the east end. The beach is secluded and isolated and like most beaches of this type in the Asterousia mountains, it offers no facilities other than the natural shade of  the caves at the beach. It can be accessed via a rough dirt road that starts from Tris Ekklisies and heads eastwards. Voidomatis is surrounded by several bays with beautiful beaches. Just 100m east of Voidomatis, there is the small stunning beach of Plisimo (i.e. washing in Greek), accessed only by boat.

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